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Welcome to Everyday Gourmet Vegan Bakery, your new home for an incredible assortment of vegan cookies, brownies, muffins and cakes. Our small team of artisan bakers meet up daily in Sodus, New York to mix and bake, with the goal to create smiles across the nation. We use only the finest ingredients – sourcing vegan, fair trade and organic products to compliment our one-of-a-kind recipes.

Vegan Diet Beats Meat into Mississippi Mud

  We’ve all seen posts about celebs weighing in on their health and deciding to go on a vegan diet.  For instance, take a look at former president Clinton.  An enormous meat eater, turned vegan after a quadruple bypass and 2 stents.  His health couldn’t be better after making the change.  Why?   We know scientifically […]

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The Benefits of Sunflower Lecithin

Sunflower lecithin, a major component of cell membranes, is a type of phospholipid abundant in sunflower seeds. Dehydrating a sunflower seed and separating it into three parts: the oil, gum, and other solids, is how this fatty substance called lecithin, is obtained. Lecithin comes from the gum byproduct of this mechanical process. Nutritionally, it is […]

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